Word Saying EXPERIMENT Answers all Level solution

In this post you find Word Saying EXPERIMENT answers for all Level in our walkthrough solution. We also have the answers for all other Level and Packs of Word Saying.

This is just a part of Word Saying Answers were you find all Level for all stages as walkthrough. Word Saying is a new and really nice word puzzle from developer Smart Up Inc.who´s known for apps like Wordful or Word Trace.

Phrases, idioms, proverbs, quotes, sayings… It’s time to try a new game mode in Word Saying!

Word Saying EXPERIMENT answers

word-saying-answers-solution-walkthroughOk, lets start with the answers for Level-Pack EXPERIMENT of Word Sayings which you will find as solution in the following table. The answers of all other level and packs you will find at the end of this post.

If you find a wrong answer for Word Saying EXPERIMENT feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying EXPERIMENT

Level 1 Experiment-1  Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin
Level 2 Experiment-2  Fools Never Know When They Are Well
Level 3 Experiment-3  Happiness Takes No Account of Time
Level 4 Experiment-4  He That Seeks Trouble Never Misses
Level 5 Experiment-5  In Every Beginning Think of the End
Level 6 Experiment-6  None but the Brave Deserve the Fair
Level 7 Experiment-7  Old Birds Are Not Caught with Chaff
Level 8 Experiment-8  The Last Drop Makes the Cup Run Over

Level 9 Experiment-9  What Is Done By Night Appears By Day
Level 10 Experiment-10  Good Things Come in Small Packages
Level 11 Experiment-11  Little Things Affect Little Minds
Level 12 Experiment-12  Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Level 13 Experiment-13  It Is Better to Give Than to Receive
Level 14 Experiment-14  All Are Not Merry That Dance Lightly
Level 15 Experiment-15  Anger and Haste Hinder Good Counsel
Level 16 Experiment-16  Dogs That Put Up Many Hares Kill None
Level 17 Experiment-17  Each Bird Loves to Hear Himself Sing
Level 18 Experiment-18  He Dances Well to Whom Fortune Pipes
Level 19 Experiment-19  He That Will Thrive Must Rise At Five
Level 20 Experiment-20  If the Sky Falls We Shall Catch Larks

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying EXPERIMENT

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