Word Saying FAMILY Answers all Level solution

In this post you find Word Saying FAMILY answers for all Level in our walkthrough solution. We also have the answers for all other Level and Packs of Word Saying.

This is just a part of Word Saying Answers were you find all Level for all stages as walkthrough. Word Saying is a new and really nice word puzzle from developer Smart Up Inc.who´s known for apps like Wordful or Word Trace.

Phrases, idioms, proverbs, quotes, sayings… It’s time to try a new game mode in Word Saying!

Word Saying FAMILY answers

word-saying-answers-solution-walkthroughOk, lets start with the answers for Level-Pack FAMILY of Word Sayings which you will find as solution in the following table. The answers of all other level and packs you will find at the end of this post.

If you find a wrong answer for Word Saying FAMILY feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying FAMILY

Level 1 Family-1  He Is Not Poor That Has Little but He That Desires Much
Level 2 Family-2  The Pitcher Goes Often to the Well but Is Broken At Last
Level 3 Family-3  They Must Hunger in Winter That Will Not Work in Summer
Level 4 Family-4  Those Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones
Level 5 Family-5  No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent
Level 6 Family-6  There Are People Who Have Money and People Who Are Rich
Level 7 Family-7  Gentility Without Ability Is Worse Than Plain Beggary
Level 8 Family-8  He That Would Have Eggs Must Endure the Cackling of Hens

Level 9 Family-9  The Person Who Thinks Too Little Usually Talks Too Much
Level 10 Family-10  Modesty Is Like the Snow; When It Melts It Is Gone Forever
Level 11 Family-11  He Who Rides Slowly Gets Just As Far Only It Takes Longer
Level 12 Family-12  He That Handles Thorns Shall Prick His Fingers
Level 13 Family-13  If the Blind Lead the Blind Both Shall Fall Into the Ditch
Level 14 Family-14  For Success Attitude Is Equally As Important As Ability
Level 15 Family-15  Wrinkles Should Merely Indicate Where Smiles Have Been
Level 16 Family-16  The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence
Level 17 Family-17  Many People Despise Wealth but Few Know How to Give It Away
Level 18 Family-18  If You Are Always Dwelling in Trouble Change Your Address
Level 19 Family-19  Our Bodies Are Our Gardens to Which Our Wills Are Gardeners
Level 20 Family-20  From Trivial Things Great Contests Often Arise

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying FAMILY

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