Word Saying WORK Answers all Level solution

In this post you find Word Saying WORK answers for all Level in our walkthrough solution. We also have the answers for all other Level and Packs of Word Saying.

This is just a part of Word Saying Answers were you find all Level for all stages as walkthrough. Word Saying is a new and really nice word puzzle from developer Smart Up Inc.who´s known for apps like Wordful or Word Trace.

Phrases, idioms, proverbs, quotes, sayings… It’s time to try a new game mode in Word Saying!

Word Saying WORK answers

word-saying-answers-solution-walkthroughOk, lets start with the answers for Level-Pack WORK of Word Sayings which you will find as solution in the following table. The answers of all other level and packs you will find at the end of this post.

If you find a wrong answer for Word Saying WORK feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying WORK

Level 1 Work-1  He Knows Best What Good Is That Has Endured Evil
Level 2 Work-2  He Who Would Catch Fish Must Not Mind Getting Wet
Level 3 Work-3  Respect Yourself or No One Else Will Respect You
Level 4 Work-4  Danger Can Never Be Overcome Without Taking Risks
Level 5 Work-5  Never Buy What You Do Not Want Because It Is Cheap
Level 6 Work-6  You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World
Level 7 Work-7  Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
Level 8 Work-8  He Who Knows Himself Best Esteems Himself Least

Level 9 Work-9  The Devil Can Cite Scripture for His Own Purpose
Level 10 Work-10  Genius Is an Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains
Level 11 Work-11  Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer
Level 12 Work-12  Silence Is an Excellent Remedy Against Slander
Level 13 Work-13  He Is Not Laughed At That Laughs At Himself First
Level 14 Work-14  Lightning Never Strikes Twice in the Same Place
Level 15 Work-15  If You Run After Two Hares You Will Catch Neither
Level 16 Work-16  An Hour in the Morning Is Worth Two in the Evening
Level 17 Work-17  Believe Not All That You See nor Half What You Hear
Level 18 Work-18  Every White Has Its Black and Every Sweet Its Sour
Level 19 Work-19  He That Lies Down with Dogs Must Rise Up with Fleas
Level 20 Work-20  If There Were No Clouds We Should Not Enjoy the Sun

video-walkthrough VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Word Saying WORK

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